1. Packaging container (incl. for mixed packaging)

Glass packaging, such as

  • disposable glass bottles (without the deposit marking)
  • glass jars
  • clear glass packaging
  • brown and green glass packaging
  • other coloured glass packaging (such as glass bottles for syrup or oil)

metal packaging, such as

  • cans for preserved food
  • metal cans for beverages
  • aluminium trays
  • aluminium lids
  • metal caps/lids of bottles or jars

plastic packaging, such as

  • film and plastic bags
  • plastic bottles for beverages
  • plastic food packaging
  • boxes of dairy products and margarine
  • polystyrene boxes and trays
  • packing trays
  • bottles of hygiene products and detergents (e.g. shampoo bottles)
  • plastic bottles of food products (e.g. oil, ketchup, or mayonnaise bottles)
  • plastic canisters
  • plastic packing boxes

Tetra Pak cartons, such as

  • empty and clean Tetra Pak cartons (e.g. wine, milk, yoghurt, and juice cartons)
  • other clean Tetra Pak cartons

All packaging must be empty, clean (rinsed, if necessary), and dry. Packaging waste should be compressed, if possible. Aluminium foil (such as silver paper) must be placed in the container for domestic waste. Glass packaging may be disposed of with labels attached.

Do not place the following in the container:

  • window glass, windshield glass, fire-resistant glass, glass modules
  • ceramics, optical glass, porcelain, mirror glass
  • tableware or cookware
  • packaging of hazardous substances (e.g. packaging of chemical household products; packaging of glues, paints, or solvents)
  • aerosol bottles (hazardous packaging, e.g. packaging of air fresheners or hairspray)
  • soiled packaging or packaging containing residues
  • toys, rubber products
  • lightbulbs
  • other plastic objects (e.g. lawn chairs or frames of plastic windows)
  • old clothing or footwear
  • construction waste
  • domestic waste, bio-waste
  • gardening or refurbishing waste

2. Container for paper and cardboard, paper and carton packaging

Paper, cardboard, and carton or cardboard packaging

  • cardboard egg trays
  • books (hardcovers without the cover)
  • magazines with pictures
  • catalogues
  • advertising materials, prospects, brochures
  • writing and copy paper
  • booklets, exercise books, paper or cardboard notebooks, writing or drawing paper with or without print
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • envelopes
  • wrapping paper
  • paper or cardboard boxes (packaging)
  • cardboard boxes, brown paper, paper bags

The materials collected in the container must be clean and dry.

Do not place in the container:

  • soiled or wet paper
  • film, tape, stickers
  • kitchen paper
  • disposable tableware
  • foil and copy paper
  • construction paper
  • cellular plastic
  • cardboard or paper which contains other material, such as foil, film, etc. (e.g. milk or juice cartons)

Please do not forget, that it is not permitted to place hazardous waste in any of the above-mentioned containers – they should be taken to a hazardous waste collection point or a waste disposal site!