The fee payable to Eesti Pakendiringlus by a packaging undertaking depends on the amount of packaging marketed or taken into use for own consumption or as raw material by the packaging undertaking. The minimum required levels of recycling arising from the Packaging Act and the Packaging Excise Duty Act are taken into consideration in calculating the fee.

The same packaging tariffs apply to all packaging undertakings. As the Packaging Act establishes that all packaging undertakings must be treated equally, Eesti Pakendiringlus cannot provide the service at a price which is lower than the established tariff.

Packaging tariffs 2023

Sales packaging
Glass and ceramics 108 €/t
Paper and carton 111 €/t
Plastic 430 €/t
Metal 270 €/t
Wood 44 €/t
Other material 430 €/t
Carton packaging for beverages 190 €/t

Transport and grouped packaging
Paper and carton 100 €/t
Plastic 115 €/t
Metal 135 €/t
Wood 44 €/t

Value added tax will be added to the prices

Packaging tariffs per kilogram

Packaging calculator

Packaging undertakings can use the packaging calculator to calculate the cost of collection of packaging more accurately.

First, the packaging calculator calculates the target recovery indicators by types of packaging.

If 60% of the total mass of packaging is not recovered as a result of the first calculation, as is required by the Packaging Act, the packaging calculator will continue the calculations by increasing the recovery amount of the cheapest type of packaging declared. The packaging calculator continues to increase the amount of the cheapest packaging material declared until 60% of the total mass of packaging or 100% of the amount of the specific packaging material declared is reached.

If 100% of the amount of the specific packaging material is reached, the packaging calculator continues the calculations by using the second cheapest type of packaging.

The packaging calculator finishes the calculation when the amount of recovered packaging material reaches at least 60% of the marketed amount.