Packaging reports must declare the mass of the packaging placed on the market for the first time in Estonia (importing of packaged goods, raw material, or goods for own use; purchasing of packaging material and packing of goods) in tonnes.

It is not necessary to declare the amount of packaging exported; it is, however, necessary to keep internal records.

Based on types of packaging, it is necessary to distinguish sales packaging (the packaging directly around the goods which reaches the end consumer) from transport and grouped packaging (packaging which is used to protect, group, or transport goods).

In order to keep records, it is advisable to start by mapping how and from where different types of packaging reach the company and how and when they are released to the Estonian market. The easiest way to keep records is based on purchasing – including packed goods or packaging material in the report immediately in the period in which they are purchased. An alternative option is to consider packaging released to the Estonian market when packaged goods are sold from the warehouse. The latter option, however, calls for more accurate recordkeeping and warehouse systems.
Information about the packaging of packed goods and the weight of the packaging material may be requested directly from the supplier. Recycling of packaging has become increasingly topical in recent years and suppliers generally have this information. An alternative option is to conduct a control weighing at the company. We would advise to draw up a report of the control weighing which can be used as the basis for further recordkeeping of the mass of packaging. It is not necessary to weigh the packaging of all goods separately, as similar goods may be grouped.
Packaging undertakings may submit monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reports.

The reporting period selected generally depends on the size of the company: large companies submit monthly reports, medium-sized companies quarterly reports, and small companies semi-annual or annual reports.

The length of the reporting period is agreed in the contract between the packaging undertaking and Eesti Pakendiringlus.

Reports can also be submitted in our online environment; the passwords required for this purpose are issued after entry into the contract.

The packaging report form can be found HERE.  New reusable packaging report is available HERE.