Packaging means products made of any materials to be used for the housing, protection, handling, delivery, and presentation of goods during the life cycle of such goods: from raw materials to processed goods and from the producer to the consumer. Non-returnable packaging to be used for the same purposes shall also be considered to constitute packaging.

Packaging is divided into sales, grouped, and transport packaging.
Sales packaging is divided into packaging of beverages and other sales packaging. Packaging for beverages is, in turn, divided into packaging for beverages with or without deposit. Packaging with deposit includes glass, plastic, and metal packaging of beer, alcoholic beverages with low ethanol content, and soft drinks.
Sales packaging means part of a sales unit designated to be handed over to the end user or consumer at the place of sale: milk cartons, mayonnaise bottles, yoghurt cups, glass jars, Tetra Pak cartons, cans, packaging for beverages without deposit, etc.

Grouped packaging is intended for grouping a certain number of sales units at the place of sale regardless of whether the grouped packaging is sold as such to the end user or consumer or whether it serves only as a means to facilitate the handling of goods or for the protection or presentation of goods, whereas grouped packaging can be removed from the product without affecting its characteristics.

Transport packaging is intended for the handling and transport of a certain number of sales units or goods in grouped packaging to prevent transport damage, whereas transport packaging does not include road, rail, shipping, and air containers.

Transport packaging includes carton boxes around goods, film around goods, wooden pallets, metal and plastic bands, etc.

Packaging are also divided into reusable packaging and non-reusable packaging

Reusable packaging is intended and designed to pass at least several rotations or circles in the reuse system during its life cycle, depending on the intended use as well as possibility and fitness for use of the packaging. Non-reusable packaging is meant only for single use.